Legal notice

All terms set by Lúdus ehf shall be interpreted in accordance with Icelandic laws. Should any disagreement raise between the customer and Lúdus ehf., it should be resolved by any means through negotiations.

We would like to inform our customers that they can seek information and help on the websites of Neytendastofa (The Consumer Agency) and Neytendasamtökin (The Consumer's Association of Iceland)
Additionally, customers can file a complaint to Kærunefnd vöru- og þjónustukaupa (Complaints board for goods and services) if they believe that Lúdus ehf. is in violation of the consumer's rights.

Should none of the previous mentioned methods suffice the disagreement can only be solved by an Icelandic court of law in the juridictions of Lúdus ehf. which is currently in Reykjavík.

The terms which apply for Lúdus ehf. shall other than stated on the webpage be interpreted in accordance with current applicable laws: Act no. 90/2018 on Data Protection and the Processing of Personal Data (I. lög um persónuvernd og meðferð persónuupplýsinga nr. 90/2018), Act no. 16/2016 (I. lög um neytendasamninga nr. 16/2016), Act no. 50/2000 (I. lög um lausafjárkaup nr. 50/2000) and Act no. 48/2003 (I. lög um neytendakaup nr. 48/2003). All consumer's rights for returns and refunds are affective from the time of delivery of the order.