Privacy policy

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Lúdus ehf. is concerned about the privacy and rights of users when it comes to the security of data that the company collects about individuals and / or legal entities. Such information is collected when users visit an online store or order products from the company and in addition when they sign up for a mailing list or create an access for an online store.

Ludus' privacy policy is intended to inform customers about the purpose for which data is collected, how it is used, stored electronically and how it may be distributed. Individuals who visit Ludus's online store are given the opportunity to update data collection settings and thus influence the information collected about them, but this may affect the functionality of the site.

Our goal is that all individuals who visit the Ludus online store can seek information on how the company collects and processes personal information.

Lúdus ehf, ID no. 641120-300 is the responsible party for the personal information provided to the company.

Ludus is concerned about your privacy and the company is committed to maintaining the utmost confidentiality and respecting your rights regarding the processing of personal information about you. We want you to know how we handle personal information about you, but if customers have further questions regarding the company's privacy policy, you can send an email via this link: send an email senda póst


The purpose of the Act on Personal Data Protection and the Processing of Personal Data is, among other things, to ensure that everything is complied with in accordance with the rules on personal data protection and privacy and to ensure the reliability and quality of such information.

Personal information is any personally identifiable or personally identifiable information about the data subject, i.e. information that can be directly or indirectly traced to a specific individual according to the definition of the Privacy Act. Data that is not personally identifiable is not considered personal information.

Ludus' handling of personal information is governed by current law on personal protection and the handling of personal information as it is at any given time in Iceland.

Persónuvernd (The Data Protection Authority) oversees the implementation of privacy laws and regulations as well as the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679.
If you have any comments on Lúdus ehf's privacy policy or the handling of personal information, we encourage you to get in touch by sending us an email via this link: : contact us.
If you do not find our answers satisfactory, customers and users can be advised to contact Persónuvernd (The Data Protection Authority)


Learn more about our cookie policy by visiting our page on: cookie- policy


Lúdus ehf. is intended to ensure the safe storage of personal information.'s online store is run on Shopify's online store system that uses SSL certificates. All communication with' web servers is therefore encrypted over secure URLs (HTTPS). The domain is also hosted by certified DNS service providers atISNIC. Shopfify is recognized as a PCI DSS certified entity which is a security standard that ensures the handling of card information. If you are interested in looking into the matter further, you can see information on the Shopify website

Ludus wants to ensure that appropriate security measures are taken in collaboration with partners and are taken to ensure the greatest security of data in all respects. We care about the security of your data and our measures are intended to protect personal information against it being lost, altered, fallen into the wrong hands, published or accessed without permission.

We would also like to point out to users of that data transmission on the Internet is never completely secure and Lúdus ehf cannot guarantee data leaks that have occurred due to third parties or due to cyber attacks. Users are advised to notify us immediately if they believe there is a risk that certain information they have given us will be compromised.

In the event of a security breach affecting personal information, we will report this to Persónuvernd (The Data Protection Authority) and, as the case may be, to you in accordance with the law.

If you feel that your communication with us is not secure, we ask you to let us know immediately about the problem by sending an email through this link: contact us

We draw your attention to the fact that you are responsible for personal information, e.g. name, age and photo, which you prefer to share in a public forum, e.g. through a chat room or Facebook and our other social media sites.


We usually use personal information e.g. in order to activate your access to our websites, provide you with excellent services and to inform you about products, offers and innovations that we think you are interested in. In particular, Ludus collects the following personal information about you:

  • Contact information, e.g. name, ID number, gender, address, e-mail address and telephone number. We do this to be able to deliver products and services to you and to be able to send you notifications (by e-mail or SMS) in connection with new arrivals, , innovative product purchases or offers of goods and services. We collect contact information from you via, telephone, online store or e-mail, or in another way where you have e.g. voluntarily provided this information.

  • Payment information, e.g. debit or credit card number. We manage payment information and issued invoices that are necessary for our contractual relationship and to meet the requirements of tax and accounting law, when you pay for a product or service.

  • Information on purchases of goods and / or services, such as the date of the transaction, where the transaction took place and what was purchased. We do this to keep track of the purchase history and the return and exchange of goods. Furthermore, this information is necessary for our contractual relationship and to meet the requirements of the Tax and Accounting Act.

  • Communication history, when you contact us, e.g. requests information, submits comments, sends complaints or requests, by e-mail, by telephone or on social media or chat rooms.

  • Online marketing, when we send you marketing and promotional materials by email or text message, e.g. advertisements, promotional materials, surveys, discount codes, offers and product recommendations, provided that you have previously consented to such use. This marketing may be based on information about your buying history so that you get information and offers that we consider tailored to you. You may revoke your consent to such promotional material at any time.

  • Web reporting and analytics When you visit our websites, we automatically collect data that includes information such as IP address, browser type, computer ID and operating system. There is also recorded information that you link to our website through a link and then from which website or social media, how you use the website, time and date of visit, the time you spent on these pages, as well as information about the purchase of products and services. Such information may be collected through the use of cookies. More information can be found on our page on cookie policy.

  • Recordings from surveillance cameras in shops and warehouses stored for security and custody purposes.

We usually receive the above information directly from you, but the information may come from a third party, e.g. from our government and / or service providers.

We remind users that more information about the collection of information can also be found on our page on cookie policy.


The purpose of collecting personal information is to be able to fulfill customers' orders and to provide the necessary services in accordance with the provisions of business agreements. The collection of personal information from users other than customers can be seen in more detail on our page oncookie policy.

The purpose of collecting personal information is to tailor customers 'services to their needs and to manage and disseminate information so that customers' products are delivered. Personal information is also collected for marketing purposes and such information may be directed to specific marketing groups.

Ludus handles information in confidence with customers and its purpose is above all to tailor customer service, to provide better service and improve the customer experience of the company's services. Ludus also collects only the personal information necessary to provide the requested services and individuals agree to our terms by visiting the online store or ordering products.

Information that Ludus collects about customers in order to be able to fulfill deliveries and customer service includes: customer contact information, information about the products purchased, e.g. product number and price. A more detailed explanation of the purpose of collecting personal information is given below:

  • In order to provide customers with the services they require, whether it is sending them products to their doorstep or receiving payments in connection with other products and services we offer or otherwise to enforce our terms

  • To answer your queries via email, phone, social media and / or respond to your requests or suggestions.

  • To be able to send you information after approval by e-mail or text message about new products, shipments or product offers and product discounts.

  • To be able to send you information that is customized to you, such as products that you may be interested in, about discounts on products, or on products you have put in a basket but have not completed the purchase of.

  • To fulfill our contract with you for the provision of a specific service or product.

  • To be able to fulfill our obligations under the Accounting Act, at the request of public authorities and institutions and other provisions of law.

  • To be able to view footage from surveillance cameras from a store and warehouse.

  • To enable you to share social media content from our website.

  • To be able to communicate in connection with the purchase of products through our media.

  • To send you important information related to our services to you e.g. information about changes to the terms and other things related to our services to you.

  • To be able to analyze and make plans within the company, in market research, to improve our services and compile statistical information in quality and marketing work.

  • To enable you to participate in games, competitions, promotional campaigns, surveys or other promotions on our behalf. In some cases, there may be additional information that you need to study specifically and we encourage you to do so.

If a customer infringes in any way, information about infringement may be processed on the basis of the legitimate interests of the company. Violations may, depending on the nature of the case, be reported to the police.


In order to provide the necessary services and deliver products to our customers, we reserve the right to share personal information with third parties. Ludus reserves the right to share personal information with third parties, such a party is called a processor under the Privacy Act and may be a service provider, partner, agent or contractor of Lúdus ehf and provide the company with services requested.

Ludus may be obliged on the basis of agreements to which the company is a party to provide the necessary customer information. Agreements with partners may require that personal information be shared and include information to service providers such as carriers and payment intermediaries or other partners.

Ludus also reserves the right to share personal information with third parties that provide the company with other services, including statistical information to parties who may work with the company for marketing purposes.

All service and affiliates who work with Ludus and who have gained access to personal information as a third party are not permitted under the terms of the company to pass on such information to other parties without the company's consent.

Ludus never uses personal information for purposes other than those for which it was collected and promises its customers full confidentiality in the processing of data, with the exception of the provisions discussed in the company's terms.

Personal information is never sold or leased to third parties under any circumstances.

Personal information is not distributed to third parties other than as stated in the company's terms, that the customer's consent has been obtained or that there are good reasons behind such disclosure. In addition to the fulfillment of business agreements, such reasons may be based on a legal obligation or the legitimate interests of the company.

Ludus may share information, for statistical purposes, with processors who work with the company on quality and marketing work. Ludus provides the processors with only the personal information necessary for them for the above purposes and a contract is concluded with them where they undertake an obligation to keep information about individuals safe and use it only for the above purposes.

All processors of Lúdus ehf and partners who work with the company on quality or marketing matters have signed an appropriate confidentiality agreement and processing agreement in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act.

Ludus thus ensures the protection of personal information in accordance with laws and regulations on personal data as they stand at any given time. This includes the formulation of a security policy on the handling and security of personal information and the establishment of security and procedures as required by the Privacy Act.

In cases where a third party (processor) gains access to personal information, Ludus ensures confidentiality and that data is deleted after processing by means of a contract with the processor.

If the customer chooses not to provide personal information, there is a possibility that Ludus will not be able to provide the party in question with products or provide services. Ludus never uses personal information for any purpose other than that for which it was collected. Data is stored for as long as necessary for the purpose of processing and the terms of the contract, except when laws and regulations provide for a longer storage period.


Individuals have the right to Lúdus ehf. provide them with information about all the personal information that the company has at its disposal. Individuals may also be entitled to receive copies of such information.

In certain circumstances, an individual may request from the company that we send information that he or she has provided or provided to us directly to a third party. An individual has the right in certain cases to have his personal information corrected or deleted, e.g. if the information is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was originally obtained.

We specifically point out to users that they may influence the collection of personal information and delete certain personal information on our page on cookie policy.

If an individual does not want their information deleted, e.g. because he needs them to defend a claim, but still wants them not further processed by the company, he can request that their processing be restricted.

If the processing of an individual's personal information is based on the legitimate interests of the company, he also has the right to object to that processing. However, the above rights of the individual are not unreasonable. Thus, the law may oblige the company to reject a request for deletion or access to data. The company can also reject his request due to the company's rights, e.g. on the basis of intellectual property rights, or the rights of other parties, e.g. to privacy, the company considers those rights to be more important.

However, your right to object to processing for marketing purposes is unconditional. An individual will be notified and given an explanation if there is a delay in processing or if it is not possible to comply with the request in full no later than one month from receipt. An individual can complain to Persónuvernd (The Data Protetion Authority) the Data Protection Authority if Ludus refuses to provide him with certain information or if an individual is dissatisfied with Ludus' processing of personal information. In the event of a situation where the company is unable to comply with an individual's request, the company will seek to explain why the request has been rejected, subject to limitations on the basis of legal obligation.


If an individual represents Ludus's partners, e.g. suppliers, contractors or a customer who is a legal entity, Ludus may work with its contact information, e.g. name, phone number and email address. Ludus may also work with communication history and, as the case may be, account information. This processing is necessary for the company to be able to fulfill its obligations on the basis of an agreement with the relevant partner. The company may also be obliged to process such information on the basis of a legal obligation, e.g. Accounting Act.


If a user submits a suggestion or complaint, Lúdus ehf will generally work with his communication information, e.g. name and e-mail address, and the subject matter of the complaint or suggestions he has chosen to make. Information is stored for as long as necessary for the purpose of processing.


Lúdus ehf works with e-mail addresses, which an individual has registered and approved the use of in advance, in targeted mailings to individuals on the company's mailing list. Furthermore, an individual can record information such as e.g. name, ID number, address, telephone number and gender. Consent is also requested to process information about his purchase of Ludus's products and services in order to market Ludus's products and services.

By registering this optional information, an individual agrees that Ludus may combine information about him from other business systems of the company, e.g. sales systems and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, in order to provide better services and send personalized messages. This processing is based on consent and an individual is always allowed to withdraw his consent and unsubscribe from the company's mailing list at any time by clicking on a link in the target mail or sending mail through this link: contact us


Lúdus ehf's goal is to update its privacy policy so that it complies with the requirements that are made at any given time and complies with the privacy laws that are set in the country at any given time. The company's privacy policy is subject to change without notice.
If you have any suggestions or inquiries regarding our privacy policy, or other inquiries regarding the collection and storage of your personal information, please do not hesitate to send us an email via this link: contact us