Terms of service

Terms of use

  • The e-commerce store Ludus.is is operated by Lúdus ehf. and is a registered trademark of the company. Any usage of its trademark by other parties or individuals is strictly forbidden.

  • General terms of use and purchase terms & conditions are listed on this page for the operation of Lúdus ehf. The company may be listed and presented as Ludus, Lúdus ehf or Ludus.is on all pages that list the company's terms throughout the website.

  • Please note that other terms for privacy policy, cookie policy, shipping policy, returns&refunds and legal terms are listed on the relevant pages on the website. Upon checkout the customer must accept all terms set by Lúdus ehf to place an order.

Shipping policy

          • We advice you to review all of company's terms and conditions carefully as they contain vital information regarding your rights.

          Purchase terms & conditions

          Delivery handover

          • In order to have your order handed over for delivery you must show a receipt which you will have received from Ludus.is once you placed your order.

          Products for personal usage only

          • Our products are intended for personal usage only.

          • Customers are not allowed to resell or distribute any of the company's products.

          • Ludus reserves the right to cancel the delivery of orders if we have a reason to believe that a customer does not comply with these terms.

          Cancellation of orders

          • Ludus also reserves the right to cancel orders and delivery of orders placed in the e-commerce store. A cancellation must be based on compelling reasons such as incorrect stock status or incorrect pricing in the e-commerce store due to human errors.

          Pricing and product range

          • All product prices in the e-commerce store are stated in Icelandic kronas and include VAT, however the total price of an order is calculated during checkout and is dependent on the delivery method chosen.

          • Ludus.is reserves the right to offer different prices in the e-commerce store and its brick and mortar store. Thus, product prices may be higher in an e-commerce store than in our store or vice versa.

          • All prices in the e-commerce store are published subject to typing errors.

          • Product selection and prices in the e-commerce store are subject to change without notice.

          Information accuracy

          • Ludus.is strives to publish detailed and correct information to its customers, but our customers should be notified that much of information published about the company's products is obtained from our vendors and may contain incorrect information due to human errors or for other reasons.

          • All information that appears in e-commerce store is published subject to incorrect information due to technical issues as a result of automatic updates or translations.

          • Ludus.is strives to publish correct descriptions of products and to provide product images which give an accurate picture of the product, but are published with previously specified warnings. Ludus tries to respond as quickly as possible to any incorrect information and we would be glad to receive any comments from our users if you come accross wrong information on the website.

          Discount and promotional codes

          • Discount and promotional codes are generally valid once. Once it has been applied it becomes inactive. It is the customer's sole responsibility to ensure that codes are used correctly and the customer can not request for a discount to be applied to an order afterwards. The buyer must ensure that all the information provided is correct before placing an order.

          • Ludus.is may revoke or correct the discount and promotional codes at any time.