Sports bra - how to pick the right one?

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Sports Bra - Finding The Right Sports Bra


Are you wearing the wrong sports bra?

Do you experience an increased level of bounce while working out, so much to the point that your breasts start feeling sore post-workout?

You are not alone.

Studies suggest that at least 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, and the consequences of doing so are severe.

Besides being uncomfortable and painful, wearing the wrong bra can also lead to irreversible breast sagging in the long term.

The perfect sports bra can make all the difference in your fitness routine.

Whether you’re walking, running, or working out, you’ll need a bra that’s comfortable, supportive, and the right fit.

In order to concentrate solely on your movements distraction-free, it is essential to pick the right bra which provides adequate support and doesn’t restrict the range of motion in various activities.

Now the question arises, what is a GOOD sports bra? And how does one determine which type of bra will be perfect for a variety of fitness needs?

The truth is, no ONE bra can be the saving grace for all our diverse movements.

It is crucial to understand that there are different types of sports bras available, built to provide support for a variety of movements.

Sports Bras. Why Do We Need Them?

Before jumping into the types of sports bras, it is important to understand why a sports bra is needed in the first place.

The breasts contain no muscle and are supported by two weak structures: skin, and Cooper’s ligaments.

These are the connective tissues that help maintain their structure.

Hence, breasts move independently and tend to bounce even with the slightest movement.

They not only move up and down but also sideways.

This movement has been associated with increased breast pain and soreness.

Research conducted by the University of Portsmouth mentioned that this breast bounce leads to a decreased participation of females in sports and physical activities.

As a result, it becomes a barrier for women to get involved in fitness activities, as they may feel embarrassed due to increased breast movement and become conscious about their body image.

In addition to this, not wearing a sports bra can also lead to tissue damage, sagging, and negatively impact performance during workouts – so, it is important to invest in the right kind of sports bra to really uplift your fitness game and protect the breasts from potential damage or injury.

Benefits of wearing the right sports bra:

  • Enhanced comfort during movements
  • Reduced pain and discomfort
  • Less risk of damage to the breast tissue
  • Low risk of breast sagginess
  • Less chafing

Okay, now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s jump right to the main topic.

We know how frustrating it can get to find the RIGHT sports bra, which not only meets all your needs, but also fits like a dream!

The Right Sports Bra Based on Movement

The truth is, the type of activity you do has a huge role in deciding what type of bra you should be wearing.

Sports bras offer three levels of support, based on different movements.

Let’s give you a brief run-down of each.

Low Impact Bras


Low impact sports bras are the ultimate definition of comfort.

They are specially designed for activities like yoga, stretching, Pilates, and even some forms of strength training.

Essentially, any form of activity during which minimal jumping and bouncing is required.

Low impact bras are lightweight, with stretchable and breathable fabric.

If you have a smaller cup size, you can even wear these bras for your medium impact activities.

For all your low impact movements, check out the Primal Bra and Ultra Sports Bra.

Medium Impact Bras


Activities that are a little more intense, like strength training, cycling, hiking, Zumba, using an elliptical machine, and various others, require more support.

Medium impact bras are designed to provide the right level of support required for such movements.

If you have a larger cup size, you may want to opt for a high impact bra rather than a medium impact one.

Check out our range of functional medium impact bras.

High Impact Bras


High impact activities are typically those with a high level of bounce. If the right bra is not worn for such movements…

Yikes! That would be nothing short of a disaster!

All our high-impact sports bras come with wide straps to provide optimal support for all your sweaty pursuits.

So, if you’re into running, plyometrics, boot camps, and intense cardio sessions, here are the sports bras which you should be opting for:

Tips For Getting The Right Fit


Now that we’ve given you an overview of how to choose the right bra based on your activities, the next step is to identify which bra fits you perfectly.

Snug fit: The sports bra should not be too tight, but should fit tighter than a regular bra.

A good way to test this out is to slide two fingers between the straps and your shoulders.

The fingers should be able to slide in easily, while not having extra space between them.

Cup size: It is essential that the girls aren’t spilling out of the cup, which is an indication that the cup size is too small for you.

Conversely, the cup size shouldn’t be too big either, otherwise, the overall fit will be loose.

No gaps: The underband should lay flat against your rib cage, and there shouldn’t be any gaps or the feeling of extra tightness in that region.

Straps falling off: The straps should sit perfectly on your shoulders.

They shouldn’t fall off, nor should they fit too tightly to the point that they are digging into your shoulders.

Key Takeaway

Well, there you have it!

An article explaining how you can go about finding the perfect sports bra for your needs.

We know how women struggle with their fitness routines, simply because they are wearing the wrong type of bra.

Shop our sports bra collection and pick out a new best friend for your girls!


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