Swimwear - luxury one piece swimsuits and bikini now available in Reykjavik, Iceland

Flottir sundbolir - sundföt - konur - sundfatnaður - bikini - bikiní - fyrir konur - Solid and Striped - Ísland - Reykjavik - Swimwear

Solid and Striped swimwear in Reykjavik Iceland

Solid and Striped offers high quality swimwear for women that is now available in Iceland. Our store is located in Reykavik Iceland. 
Solid and Striped offers unique one piece swimsuits and and beautiful high-quality bikinis which are now available in a good selection at

Solid and Striped was founded in 2012 in New York, USA, and is therefore a 10-year-old brand that offers high-quality swimwear. The brand was originally founded as a men's swimwear brand, but after an investment in the brand in 2013, the focus was more on women's swimwear which was introduced in 2014. In 2021, children's swimwear was also launched.

Today, the brand therefore offers swimwear for women, men and children. However, about 85% of customers are women and the main locations of the brand are in New York, London, Los Angeles, as well as Sydney and Melbourne in Australia.

We at are therefore extremely proud to have the opportunity to present this excellent luxury brand on the Icelandic market

In addition to swimwear, the brand offers accessories as well as other clothing for women.

In 2016, the brand's popularity quickly rose when stars such as Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevigne were seen wearing Solid and Striped swimwear, as well as Kylie Jenner, Ellie Golding, and Gabrielle Union-Wade have been seen wearing the swimwear. .

Sundföt - konur - sundfatnaður - bikini - sundbolir - sundbolur - bikiní - Solid and Striped - Ísland- Swimwear - Iceland - Reykjavík - Reykjavik


All swimwear from Solid and Striped is made in Morocco from high quality materials. Most swimsuits are sustainable and made from recycled materials. Solid and Striped has also set itself the goal that all of the brand's swimwear will be sustainable.

Solid and Striped has received great feedback on their swimwear and many top fashion magazines have given the swimwear fantastic reviews.

Flottir sundbolir - sundbolur - bikini - konur - fyrir - sundföt - sundfatnaður - bikiní - Ísland - swimwear - Iceland - Reykjavik

The swimwear is also chlorine resistant and all swimsuits have an inner lining which gives you that premium feel.

Solid and Striped has expanded its operations a lot in the ten years since the brand was founded and, as mentioned above, also offers clothing and accessories. The brand has also put a lot of emphasis on collaboration with other companies in the design of swimwear and has worked with brands such as Sporty and Rich and Saint James.

We at are looking forward to introducing the Solid and Striped brand better to the Icelandic market.

Below you can view a selection of swimwear from Solid and Striped.

To view the selection of Solid and Striped swimwear, you can click here: Solid and Striped in Iceland

Summer greetings,

Flottir sundbolir - sundföt - sundfatnaður - sundbolur - konur - bikini - bikiní - Ísland - swimwear - Iceland - Reykjavík

Bikini - konur - sundföt - bikiní - sundbolur - flottir - sundbolir - sundfatnaður - Ísland - Swimwear - Iceland - Reykjavik

 Sundföt - flottir - sundbolir - sundbolur - sundfatnadur - konur - flott - bikini - Solid and Striped - swimwear - Iceland - Island -

 Flottir sundbolir - sundbolur - konur - sundföt - sundfatnaður - bikini - bikiní - Ísland - Swimwear - Iceland - Reykjavik

Flott bikini - bikiní - sundföt - konur - sundfatnaður - sundbolir - sundbolur - Ísland - Swimwear - Iceland - Reykjavik

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