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Terms of Use

  • The online store Ludus.is is run by Lúdus ehf. and is a registered trademark owned by the company. Any use by other parties of registered trademarks owned by the company is strictly prohibited.

  • General terms and conditions of Lúdus ehf. are listed on this subpage and the representation of the company's name may appear as Ludus, Lúdus ehf. or Ludus.is in the terms and conditions on the company's website.

  • Please note that the terms on privacy protection, cookie policy, delivery policy, product returns as well as legal terms are listed on the appropriate subpages on Ludus.is. When purchasing products in the Ludus.is online store, the customer accepts all the store's terms and conditions.

Delivery policy

          • Please review all returns of Lúdus ehf. carefully as they contain important information for you and your rights.

          Terms of Business

          Order delivery

          • When delivering the ordered products, the customer must show confirmation of the purchase that he has received from Ludus.is.

          Products for personal use

          • All products offered by Ludus are only intended for the personal use of the buyer.

          • Any resale of Ludus products by individuals or companies is strictly prohibited.

          • Ludus reserves the right to cancel the delivery of products or stop an order if it is believed that the buyer does not comply with these terms.

          Cancellation of order

          • Ludus also reserves the right to cancel orders and cancel the delivery of orders placed in the online store. Behind such a withdrawal, however, there must always be good reasons, such as incorrect inventory or incorrect price information in the online store due to typing errors or price calculation.

          Price and product range

          • All product prices in the online store are given in Icelandic króna and include VAT, but the total price of the order depends on the delivery method and is calculated in the payment settlement.

          • Ludus.is reserves the right to offer different prices in the online store and in the store itself. Thus, product prices may be higher in an online store than in a store, or vice versa. The above applies especially around sales or if a promotional discount or offer is offered.

          • All product prices in the online store are published subject to typing errors.

          • Product selection and product prices in the online store can change without notice.

          Accuracy of information

          • Ludus.is makes an effort to publish accurate information to its customers, but it is important to realize that much of the information about the company's products is obtained from manufacturers and is published with the caveat that information from manufacturers may contain incorrect information, incorrect input or errors of a different kind.

          • All information that appears in the Ludus.is online store is published subject to typing errors or incorrect information due to technical issues through automatic updates or translations.

          • Ludus.is makes an effort to publish correct descriptions of products and product images give the most accurate picture of the product, but are published with the previously specified caveats. Ludus tries to respond as quickly as possible to all incorrect information and gladly accepts suggestions from customers if appropriate.

          Discount, offer and promotional codes

          • Discount, offer and promotional codes are valid only once. After the code is used, it is inactive. It is the customer's sole responsibility to ensure that such codes are used correctly and discounts cannot be requested to be added to an order afterwards. The buyer must ensure that all provided information is correctly entered before the order is confirmed.

          • Ludus.is can withdraw or correct discounted sale prices, offers or promotional codes at any time.

          Refund and right of exchange

          • The general right of exchange and refund is fourteen days and for all purchased products except sales products and which otherwise meet our terms for refund. Reimbursement is always made as soon as possible, but always within fourteen days of return. Shipping costs are not refundable.
            Refunds that the user has paid with a credit card or Netgíro are reversed, while payments that have been made with Aur are transferred to the customer. Refund and exchange rights are the same whether it is a purchase of products in a store or online store. We encourage customers to consider product returns as soon as possible.

          • The buyer is responsible for the deterioration of the value of the product that results from the handling of the product. The customer has the right to confirm the features, characteristics and functionality of the product, but to be eligible for a refund or exchange, the products must be in their original condition, unused, unwashable and still have the manufacturing and labels attached. In addition, products must be returned in their original packaging. See the special terms for returning swimwear further down on this page.
            Ludus reserves the right to verify the original condition of the product and to refuse the receipt of a product that has received unwanted treatment and thereby reduced the value of the product.

          • Sale products and offer products cannot be returned for a refund, and all sale products sold are generally classified as final sales. The customer nevertheless has the right to exchange the product for another size on sale or another sale product during the sale. After the sale, it is considered a final sale and the product cannot be returned or exchanged for another product.

          • Products are generally refunded according to the payment method used for the transaction, but Ludus reserves the right to refund by bank transfer to the customer if necessary. If the product was paid for by credit card, the product will only be refunded to the same credit card.

          Product returns for products purchased in a store

          • When returning a product purchased in our store, the customer must be able to show a receipt or an electronic receipt according to our terms.

          Return of products purchased in an online store

          • When returning a product purchased in an online store, the customer must be able to show an electronic receipt according to our terms.

          Product returns on swimwear

          • The same terms apply to the return of swimwear as to the return of other products, but in addition, swimwear can only be returned or exchanged if the sanitary tape for fitting is still present and has been used correctly. Swimwear must always be worn over underwear.
          • Ludus reserves the right to refuse all returns of swimwear if the sanitary napkin has been removed, and these terms apply to all returns of swimwear, regardless of whether a refund or exchange for another size or products is requested.

          Defective products

          • If the buyer buys a defective product, send an email with a picture of the product as soon as the customer is aware of the defect via this link: send mail
          • Ludus reserves the right to seek the manufacturer's opinion on a defective product, but at the same time calls on the customer to handle all issues that arise due to defective products as soon as possible.
          • Regarding the rights of buyers due to product defects, refer to the Act on Consumer Purchases No. 48/2003


          Product returns are and always will be a normal part of online shopping. We offer free returns on products when the cheapest delivery method available is chosen at any time. The following applies to free returns:

          • The customer must have chosen the cheapest delivery method available at any given time in order to be entitled to a free return. Customers who choose home delivery always bear the cost of return shipping themselves.
          • Free returns apply only once per order. The customer bears all the costs of a return that is carried out a second time.
          • The customer is always responsible for returning products to Ludus via traceable mail. In the event that a product is lost during the untraceable return, this is the sole responsibility of the customer. Ludus does not refund or exchange products sent by registered mail.
          • A copy of the invoice must be included with the returned product, and the customer can include a paper invoice with the product or include a copy of the invoice in an email.
          • If you want to return a product to us, it is best to send us an e-mail and state the product's order number in the title: send mail
          • It is always free to stop by the store and return or exchange products that otherwise comply with our terms and conditions.

          These terms may change without notice if there is a change in the cost of the delivery method.

          Delivery time

          • All orders made before 11 a.m. are generally processed for same-day delivery.
            We guarantee that orders are processed every working day while we only run an online store. However, we will also process orders on Saturdays as often as possible.
          • During special peak times, delivery to the carrier may take longer if we receive many orders in a short period of time.
          • Lúdus ehf. reserves the right to a longer delivery time during special peak times, but we guarantee to process orders to customers as quickly as possible.
          • Most shipments are delivered the same day within the capital area as well as the neighboring municipalities of Hveragerði, Selfoss, Akranes and Reykjanesbær or the next day in exceptional cases.
          • In other respects, the delivery time of the product is determined based on the location of the customer and the method of delivery, and as a rule it takes one day longer to deliver products to other places in the countryside, but most products are delivered to customers in 0-3 working days .
          • Customers receive confirmation by e-mail when a product has been processed by us for delivery.

          We draw the attention of our customers to the fact that disruptions in the activities of carriers such as due to bad weather, technical problems or loads may affect the specified delivery times. Lúdus ehf. is not responsible for delays that may occur with carriers, nor does it compensate consumers for such delays that may occur.

          Delivery methods

          Ludus.is - TVG Xpress Download * Free The whole country 0-10 kg* *
          Ludus.is - TVG Xpress Sent home

          According to tariff

          0-10 kg**

          *If you choose to pick up at a TVG Express or Dropp delivery location that is not close to your home, for example your workplace or school, you may need to provide a different address and zip code to get the correct delivery location that is close to you.

          *Most of our shipments should be between 0-10 kg. You can choose to order in two pieces or contact us if your shipment exceeds 10 kg.

          We serve the capital area as well as the entire countryside in collaboration with TVG Express and Dropp. TVG Express and Dropp take care of distribution to delivery points where the customer picked them up for free, while TVG Xpress takes care of home delivery for a fee. Please note that home delivery does not cover all postcodes. Home delivery covers about 95% of the country, and you can see if home delivery is available in your area when you enter your postal code.

          Lúdus ehf. is responsible for the product until it has been delivered to the carrier, but from that time the carrier is fully responsible for the product if the product is lost or delivered to the wrong person.

          Of course, we help our customers track shipments and provide the necessary assistance in the unfortunate event that a shipment from us is lost on its way to you. About delivery terms

          A customer can currently choose between two different delivery methods when shopping in the online store, but the third one will be added when we open our store in the capital area.

          1. Free - Download at TVG Express and Dropp delivery points (0-10kg)

            Suitable for those who want to be able to access their product quickly and safely. Orders placed before 11 are in most cases ready for delivery on the same day within the capital area, Hveragerði, Selfossi, Akranes and Reykjanesbær, but the next day outside other places in the countryside

            We draw the attention of our customers to the different opening hours of the TVG Express and Dropp delivery points. You can see the opening hours of the delivery points when you choose the delivery method in the payment settlement.
            This delivery method is available for all packages 0-10 kg.

            You can pick up for free at one of the more than 85 delivery points at TVG Express + Flytjanda across the capital area and the whole country. See more at:
            TVG Express (the capital area and selected locations in the countryside)


            Carrier/Eimskip (delivery points in rural areas)
          2. Home delivery (0-10 kg)

            TVG Express (covers approximately 95% of the country)

            The customer pays for shipments as well as returns according to the carrier's applicable tariff.
            The fee for home delivery is calculated in the payment settlement.

          Order delivery

          • The customer receives a code sent by message, which must be presented in order to have the order delivered.
          • When delivering the ordered products, the customer must show confirmation of the purchase that he has received from Ludus.is.
          Lúdus ehf. is concerned about privacy and user rights when it comes to the security of data that the company collects about individuals and/or legal entities. Such information is collected when users visit an online store or order products from the company, and additionally when they sign up for a mailing list or create an account for an online store.

          Ludus' privacy policy is intended to inform customers for what purpose data is collected, how it is used, stored electronically and how it may be distributed. Individuals who visit the Ludus online store are given the opportunity to update their data collection settings and thus influence the information collected about them, but this may affect the site's functionality.

          Our goal is that all persons who visit the Ludus online store can find information about how the company collects and processes personal data.

          Lúdus ehf, id. 641120-300 is responsible for the personal information provided to the company.

          Ludus cares about your privacy and the company promises to maintain the utmost confidentiality and respect your rights regarding the processing of personal information about you. We want you to know how we handle personal information about you, but if customers have further questions regarding the company's privacy policy, they can send a mail through this link: send a mail


          The aim of the law on personal protection and personal data processing is, among other things, to ensure that everything is done in accordance with the rules on personal protection and privacy and to ensure the reliability and quality of such information.

          Personal information is any personally identifiable or personally identifiable information about the registered person, i.e. information that can be directly or indirectly attributed to a specific person according to the definition of the Privacy Act. Data that is not personally identifiable is not considered personal information.

          The handling of personal information by Ludus is governed by the current laws on personal protection and handling of personal information as they are at any given time in Iceland.

          Personal protection, supervises the implementation of personal protection laws and rules as well as Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679.
          Do you have comments on the privacy policy of Lúdus ehf. or processing of personal data, we encourage you to start contacting us by sending us a mail through this link: send mail .
          If you do not consider our answers satisfactory, customers and users can be advised to contact us Personal protection


          For information about our cookie policy, see our dedicated cookie policy page


          Lúdus ehf. is planned to ensure safe storage of personal information. The Ludus.is online store is run on Shopify's online store system, which uses an SSL certificate. All communications with Ludus.is web servers are therefore encrypted over secure URLs (HTTPS). The domain Ludus.is is hosted by authorized DNS service providers ISNIC . Shopfify is recognized as a PCI DSS certified entity which is a security standard that ensures the handling of card information. If you are interested in checking the case in more detail, you can see information on the website Shopify

          Ludus wants to ensure that the appropriate security measures are taken in cooperation with partners and are taken to ensure the greatest data security in every respect. We are concerned about the security of your data and our measures are designed to protect personal information from being lost, changed, falling into the hands of the wrong person, being published or being accessed without permission.

          We would also like to point out to the users of Ludus.is that data transfer on the internet is never completely secure and Lúdus ehf. cannot guarantee data leaks caused by third parties or cyber attacks. Users are advised to notify us immediately if they believe that any information they have provided to us is at risk.

          If there is a breach of security that affects personal information, we will notify the Data Protection Authority and, as the case may be, to you as required by law.

          If you believe that your communication with us is not secure, please notify us immediately of the problem by sending a mail through this link: send mail

          Please note that you are responsible for any personal information, such as your name, age and photo, that you choose to share publicly, such as through a chat room or on Facebook and our other social media sites.


          We always use personal information, for example, for the purpose of activating your access to our websites, providing you with premium services and informing you about products, offers and innovations that we think you will be interested in. In particular, Ludus collects the following personal information about you:

          • Contact information, such as name, social security number, gender, address, email address and phone number. We do this in order to be able to deliver products and services to you and to be able to send you notifications (via e-mail or SMS messages) in connection with new shipments, new product purchases or offers on products and services. We collect contact information from you via phone, online store or email, or by other means where you have voluntarily provided this information.

          • Payment information, eg debit or credit card number. We maintain payment information and issued invoices that are necessary for our contractual relationship and to meet the requirements of tax and accounting laws, when you pay for a product or service.

          • Information about the purchase of goods and/or services, such as the date of the transaction, where the transaction took place and what was purchased. We do this in order to keep track of purchase history and when returning and exchanging products. Furthermore, this information is necessary for our contractual relationship and to fulfill the requirements of tax and accounting laws.

          • Communication history, when you contact us, such as requesting information, making comments, sending a complaint or request, by email, by phone or on social media or chat rooms.

          • Online Marketing , when we send you marketing and promotional material by e-mail or SMS, such as advertisements, promotional materials, surveys, discount codes, offers and product recommendations, provided that you have previously given your consent to such use. This marketing may be based on information about your purchase history so that you receive information and offers that we believe are tailored specifically to you. You may withdraw your consent to such promotional material at any time.

          • Web tracking and web analytics When you visit our websites, we automatically collect data that includes information such as your IP address, browser type, computer ID, and operating system. Information is also recorded that you connect to our website via a link and from which website or social media, how you use the website, the time and date of your visit, the time you spent on these pages, as well as information about the purchase of products and services. Such information may be collected through the use of cookies. More information can be found on our cookie policy page.

          • Store and warehouse surveillance camera footage stored for security and asset protection purposes.

          As a rule, we receive the above information directly from you, but the information may come from third parties, for example from the government and/or our service providers.

          We advise users that further information on the collection of information can also be found on our cookie policy page .


          The purpose of collecting personal information is to be able to fulfill customer orders and to provide the necessary services in accordance with the provisions of commercial contracts. The collection of personal information of users other than customers can be seen in more detail on our website cookie policy page.

          The purpose of collecting personal information is to adapt customer services to their needs and to manage and share information so that customers' products are delivered. Personal information is also collected for marketing purposes and such information may be directed to certain marketing groups.

          Ludus handles information confidentially with customers and the purpose above all is to adapt services to customers, to provide better service and improve customer experience of the company's services. Then Ludus only collects personal information that is necessary to provide the requested service and individuals agree to our terms by visiting the online store or ordering products.

          Information that Ludus collects about customers in order to fulfill deliveries and customer service includes: customer contact information, information about the products purchased, for example, product number and price. A more detailed explanation of the purpose of collecting personal information is given below:

          • To be able to provide customers with the services they request, whether it's delivering products to their door or accepting payments in relation to other products and services we offer or otherwise to enforce our terms.

          • To answer your inquiries via email, phone, social media and/or respond to your requests or suggestions.

          • To be able to send you information, subject to consent, by e-mail or text message about new products, shipments or about product offers and product discounts.

          • To be able to send you information that is tailored to you, such as products you may be interested in, discounts on products, or products you have placed in your cart but have not completed your purchase.

          • To fulfill our contract with you for the provision of certain services or products.

          • To be able to fulfill our obligations under accounting laws, according to requests from public authorities and institutions and other provisions of the law.

          • To be able to view surveillance camera footage from stores and warehouses.

          • To enable you to share content on social media from our website.

          • To be able to communicate in connection with the purchase of products through our media.

          • To send you important information related to our service to you, for example, information about changes to the terms and conditions and other things related to our service to you.

          • To be able to analyze and make plans within the company, during market research, to improve our services and compile statistical information in quality and marketing work.

          • To enable you to participate in games, contests, promotional campaigns, surveys or other promotions on our behalf. In some cases, there may be additional information that you need to familiarize yourself with and we encourage you to do so.

          If a customer becomes infringing in any way, information about the breach may be processed on the basis of the company's legitimate interests. Violations, depending on the nature of the case, may be reported to the police.


          In order to provide the necessary services and deliver products to our customers, we reserve the right to share personal information with third parties. Ludus reserves the right to share personal information with third parties, such a party is called a processor according to the Personal Protection Act and may be a service provider, partner, agent or contractor of Lúdus ehf. and provides the company with services that have been requested.

          Ludus may be obliged on the basis of agreements to which the company is a party to provide necessary information about customers. Contracts with partners may require personal information to be shared and include, among other things, information to service providers such as carriers and payment processors or other partners.

          Ludus also reserves the right to share personal information with third parties who provide other services to the company, including numerical information to parties who may work with the company on marketing activities.

          All service providers and partners who work with Ludus and who have gained access to personal information as a third party, are not permitted according to the company's terms and conditions to forward such information to other parties without the company's consent.

          Ludus never uses personal information for purposes other than those for which it was collected and promises its customers full confidentiality in the handling of data, except for the provisions discussed in the company's terms and conditions.

          Personal information is never sold or rented to third parties under any circumstances.

          Personal information is not distributed to third parties other than what is stated in the company's terms and conditions, that the customer's consent is present or that there are good reasons behind such sharing. In addition to the fulfillment of commercial contracts, such reasons may be based on legal obligations or the legitimate interests of the company.

          Ludus may share information, for statistical purposes, with processors who work with the company in quality and marketing work. Ludus only provides the processing parties with the personal information that is necessary for them for the above-mentioned purposes, and an agreement is made with them in which they submit to the obligation to keep personal information safe and use it only for the above-mentioned purposes.

          All processors of Lúdus ehf. and partners who work with the company on quality or marketing issues have signed an appropriate confidentiality statement and processing agreement in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act.

          Ludus thus ensures the protection of personal information in accordance with the laws and regulations on personal protection as they are at any given time. Including the formulation of a security policy on the handling and security of personal information and the establishment of security and procedural rules as required by the Personal Protection Act.

          In cases where a third party (processor) gets access to personal information, Ludus guarantees confidentiality and that the data is deleted after processing with a contract with the processor.

          If the customer chooses not to provide personal information, there is a possibility that Ludus will not be able to supply products or provide services to the person concerned. Ludus never uses personal information for purposes other than those for which it was collected. Data is stored for as long as is necessary based on the purpose of processing and the terms of contracts, except when laws and regulations stipulate a longer storage period.


          Individuals have the right that Lúdus ehf. provide them with information about all the personal information that the company has at its disposal. It may also be that individuals have the right to receive a copy of such information.

          Under certain circumstances, a person can request from the company that we send information that he himself has provided to us or that he has sent us directly to a third party. A person has the right in certain cases to have their personal information corrected or deleted, for example if the information is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was originally collected.

          We specifically point out to users that they can influence the collection of personal information, users can read more about the issue on our cookie policy page.

          If a person does not want to have his information deleted, for example because he needs it to defend against a claim, but still wants it not to be further processed by the company, he can request that its processing be limited.

          If the processing of an individual's personal information is based on the company's legitimate interests, he also has the right to object to that processing. However, the aforementioned rights of the individual are not without priority. Thus, the law may oblige the company to refuse a request for deletion or access to data. The company can also reject his request due to the rights of the company, such as on the basis of intellectual property rights, or the rights of other parties, such as to privacy, if the company considers those rights to be more important.

          However, your right to object to processing for marketing purposes is unconditional. The individual will be notified and given an explanation if there is a delay in processing or if it is not possible to comply with the request in full no later than one month after its receipt. A person can complain to Personal protection if Ludus refuses to hand over certain information to him or if a person is dissatisfied with Ludus' processing of personal information. If circumstances arise where the Company is unable to comply with an individual's request, the Company will endeavor to explain why the request has been refused, subject to limitations based on legal obligations.


          If a person represents a partner of Ludus, such as a supplier, contractor or customer who is a legal entity, Ludus may process their contact information, such as name, phone number and email address. Ludus can also work with communication history and, as the case may be, account information. This processing is necessary for the company to be able to fulfill its obligations based on the contract with the relevant partner. The company may also be obliged to work with such information on the basis of legal obligations, such as accounting laws.


          If a user submits a suggestion or complaint, Lúdus ehf. generally work with his contact information, such as name and email address, and the content of the complaint or suggestion he has chosen to make. Information is stored as long as necessary for the purpose of processing.


          Lúdus ehf. works with an email address, which a person has registered and agreed to use in advance, in broadcasts of targeted mail to persons on the company's mailing list. Furthermore, a person can register information such as name, social security number, address, phone number and gender. Consent is also requested in order to work with information about his purchase of Ludus products and services in order to conduct marketing of Ludus products and services.

          By registering this optional information, a person agrees that Ludus may combine information about them from other business systems of the company, such as sales systems and CRM systems (e. Customer relationship management), in order to be able to provide better service and send out more individualized messages. This processing is based on consent and a person is always allowed to withdraw their consent at any time and unsubscribe from the company's mailing list by clicking on the link provided in targeted emails or by sending a mail via this link: send mail


          The goal of Lúdus ehf. is updating its privacy policy so that it complies with the requirements that are made each time and follows the privacy laws enacted in the country at any time.
          The company's privacy policy can therefore change without any notice.

          If you have suggestions or questions regarding our privacy policy, or other inquiries regarding the collection and storage of your personal information, please do not hesitate to send us an email via this link: send mail

          LEGAL TERMS

          All returns of Lúdus ehf. should be interpreted in accordance with Icelandic law. In the event of a dispute between the parties, an attempt must be made to settle such a dispute through negotiation.

          We point out to our customers that they can look for information on the web Consumer Agency and at the Consumers Association .
          Customers can then submit a complaint to The Complaints Committee for the Purchase of Goods and Services considers them to be in violation.

          If the aforementioned solutions do not lead to a successful solution, the dispute shall be resolved before an Icelandic court in the jurisdiction of Lúdus ehf. Varnarþing Lúdus ehf. is now in Reykjavík.

          Other than what is stated in the terms of Lúdus ehf. the terms of the company are subject to the provisions of the current Act on Personal Protection and Processing of Personal Information no. 90/2018, provisions of the Act on Consumer Contracts no. 16/2016, the provisions of the Act on Liquid Asset Purchase no. 50/2000 as applicable and the provisions of the Act on Consumer Purchases no. 48/2003. All time limits to which consumers are entitled in the Act on Consumer Contracts or according to the terms and conditions of the company begin to pass when the receipt of the goods has taken place.